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April 2014

Added WiSpehrT° (WiFi thermometer) section

WiSpher RS

January 2013

The first device of the WiSpher series - WiSpher RS - is ready and tested.

WiSpher T°

March 2013

The WiSpehrT° - the WiFi thermometer project has been started

November 2013

First WiSpehrT° WLAN temperature sensors samples available

January 2014

You can see real time data uploaded by our WiSpehrT° WiFi temperature sensor there...

April 2014

Beta tests of WiSpherT° Android application for WiFi thermometer are almost done.

June 2014

You can already order WiSpherT° WiFi thermometer in our shop.

July 2014

WiSpherT° Android app available in Google Play.

Wispher Apps

Check our mobile applications atAndroid app on Google Play

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Welcome to the WiSpher World

WiSpher is a project on Intelligent Home and Internet of Things.However, it is significantly different from dozens of Intelligent Home Systems already available on the market which are based on dozens of incompatible technologies. We believe that the only acceptable solution for a Smart Home is to integrate "home" with already existing infrastructure and standards - which means integrating your Wi-Fi network with your smartphone, tablet, PC and whatever else you use. All this done without ugly gateways, control boxes, additional PCs, wires and expensive visits of the service man. It is as simple as connecting a smartphone to the Wi-Fi network - just turn it on and select the access point. To achieve this we are designing Wi-Fi enabled devices ranging from simple Wi-Fi thermometers, through light switches, to actuators and sensors which can be used in any place inside your home and easily integrated with each other without complicated procedures. We are at the beginning of our road and a large number of projects are still being developed but you can visit our web site for more information on WiSpher World.


In the last few decades everything around us except for our homes and their installations became intelligent. Our mobile phones evaluated from simple talk devices to fully functional personal computers. Our cars have more microcontrollers and software than you can imagine. Our TVs can connect to Internet. Yet the electrical installations at our homes stayed just like there were 50 years ago! Of course there are many Intelligent Home Systems on the market but have you tried buying any of it and integrating it with existing installations in your apartment? If yes, then you know exactly that it requires complete rewiring and a dedicated computer, dozens of gateways and lot of time (and sometimes money) to get this up and running. We want to change that.