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April 2014

Added WiSpehrT° (WiFi thermometer) section

WiSpher RS

January 2013

The first device of the WiSpher series - WiSpher RS - is ready and tested.

WiSpher T°

March 2013

The WiSpehrT° - the WiFi thermometer project has been started

November 2013

First WiSpehrT° WLAN temperature sensors samples available

January 2014

You can see real time data uploaded by our WiSpehrT° WiFi temperature sensor there...

April 2014

Beta tests of WiSpherT° Android application for WiFi thermometer are almost done.

June 2014

You can already order WiSpherT° WiFi thermometer in our shop.

July 2014

WiSpherT° Android app available in Google Play.

Wispher Apps

Check our mobile applications atAndroid app on Google Play

WiSpher RS

The WiSpher RS is a Wi-Fi to RS-232 converter which with a LG YARC application can be used to control old LG screens not equipped with LAN connection from a smartphone . It is compatible with the 802.11b/g standards. To be compatible with the WiSpher RS your LG TV must have the RS-232 connector on the back marked "CONTROL & SERVICE". You can connect WiSpher RS directly to your Wi-Fi router or use it as an access point for your smartphone. Currently it is only possible to use WiSpher RS with the LG YARC application. However we are already working on making it general purpose Wi-Fi to RS-232 transceiver. To learn more about WiSpher RS read our User Manual. If you need Wi-Fi to RS-232 converter with special transmission parameters for your application, different than the one used for LG YARC application - please let us know. We are able to prepare personalised version of the firmware to fit your specific requirements.


The LG YARC application can work as a remote control for all LG TVs equipped with the RS-232 socket. It connects a smartphone over your Wi-Fi network with the WiSpher RS hardware and sends control commands to your TV. The WiSpher RS converts commands sent from this application to the RS-232 commands accepted by LG screens. The LG YARC application supports Android devices beginning from version 2.1 and it is available on Google Play or directly from this link: LG YARC.