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April 2014

Added WiSpehrT° (WiFi thermometer) section

WiSpher RS

January 2013

The first device of the WiSpher series - WiSpher RS - is ready and tested.

WiSpher T°

March 2013

The WiSpehrT° - the WiFi thermometer project has been started

November 2013

First WiSpehrT° WLAN temperature sensors samples available

January 2014

You can see real time data uploaded by our WiSpehrT° WiFi temperature sensor there...

April 2014

Beta tests of WiSpherT° Android application for WiFi thermometer are almost done.

June 2014

You can already order WiSpherT° WiFi thermometer in our shop.

July 2014

WiSpherT° Android app available in Google Play.

Wispher Apps

Check our mobile applications atAndroid app on Google Play

WiSpher T°

WiFi thermometer Technical Specification

Temperature measurement range -40(-40) +60(+140) °C(°F)
Temperature measurement resolution 0.1 °C
Temperature measurement accuracy -1.5 0.1 +1.5 °C
Transmission period (configurable) 2 60 min.
Radio Modulation 802.11b,802.11g
Radio Frequency 2.402 2.480 GHz
Radio channel intervals 5.0 GHz
Radio channels 1 14
Receive sensitivity -83 dBm
Radio output level -2 +12 dBm
Power supply 2 x AA batteries or USB 2.0 (+5V)
Battery life >6* Month
Dimensions 53.34 x 76.71 x 32.26 mm

* With transmission period >15min at room temperature